How to Install APK / XAPK File On Android 2021, Check Here
How to Install APK / XAPK File – On Android there are various types of file formats that we can find, examples are like apk and xapk files. But do you know what xapk is and how to install xapk on android? Here’s the explanation.

What is XAPK File?

XAPK is an installer file that can be used to install Android apps or games. This type of file will combine apk and OBB files into one. Of course this will make it easier for those who want to install Android applications or games without having to move the OBB file.
We can install this XAPK file on a computer or laptop. But this time I will discuss how to install XAPK file on Android. Unfortunately there are still many who do not know how.
But you don’t need to be confused because actually installing XAPK file on Android is very easy. If you want to know, please read some guides on how to install XAPK file on Android below.

How to Install XAPK File On Android

1. First, find and install the XAPK Installer application on Android. You can search for it on Playstore or Google. The size is not too big so it is light when running.
2. If it is already installed, open the XAPK Installer application.
3. Then you have to give permission to access the app from other sources.
4. Then select the application or XAPK format file that you want to install on Android.
5. If you have successfully installed the XAPK file on Android then you can use it immediately.
How to install XAPK file you can do on various types of Android smartphone brands. So you don’t have to worry about that.
That’s how to install XAPK file on Android. It’s very easy, isn’t it? After you read this article, you can immediately try it yourself and feel the convenience it provides.
If there are some questions you want to convey about how to install the XAPK file as above, please provide your comments via the comments column below this post, thank you.

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