How to Log Out Mobile Legend Account, 100% Work

How to Log Out Mobile Legend Account – Mobile Legend requires users to use an account when they want to play. But it turns out that after using it, many want to log out Mobile Legend account.
Not sure what the purpose of log out Mobile Legend account. Maybe because they want to link the account to a new service or they don’t want to play Mobile Legend anymore.
You need to pay attention here, that to log out Mobile Legend account means you have to be ready to lose your account because when you want to play it again, you can’t do that because you have disconnected your Mobile Legend account from an available service.
So are you really ready to log out your Mobile Legend account? If you have thought about it all, here I will show you how to log out of Mobile Legends.

How to Log Out Of Mobile Legends

1. First, open the Mobile Legends game on your device.
2. Then go to your account profile by pressing the profile icon located on the top left.
3. Then tap on Account Settings.
4. After that press on all services that you have associated with your Mobile Legend account.
5. Next tap on the Unlink Email Verification button.
6. Then verify your email.
7. But you must clear the cache and data on the Mobile Legend game through your device settings so that the account does not reappear when you open the Mobile Legend game again.
8. If you have done everything, then you have log out Mobile Legend account.
That’s how to log out Mobile Legend account. Later you will not be able to play the account again because you have logged out or deleted it from your device.
Even if you log in using a service that was previously connected to the account, the result is still the same because you have disconnected the service so that the Mobile Legend account log out of your device.

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