How to Use Selena Mobile Legends 2021 For Beginners
How to Use Selena – Selena is an Assassin Mage hero role who has enormous strength. With some of his skills, he is able to beat opponents easily and quickly.
But for beginners, maybe selena becomes a hero that is difficult to use because if we observe carefully, Selena has skills that can change. That’s what confuses beginners.
But you don’t need to worry about that because here I will give you how to use Selena hero for beginners or how to play selena mobile legends. Check out how to use selena ml below.

How to Use Selena Mobile Legends

Selena must always issue skill 2 continuously because Selena’s skill 2 is very useful. If you are selena without skill 2, maybe to be able to defeat the enemy will be very difficult.
If you have used Selena’s skill 2, then immediately press the ultimate skill so that it changes immediately and Selena’s cooldown skill 2 becomes fast.
Whether or not skill 2 hits the enemy, we must always push the ultimate and immediately hit skill 1. This requires finger speed like other heroes. 

How to Use Selena Combo

We can do the selena combo by pressing the 2-1-3-2-1-2 skill. We can use skill 1 in this combo if the enemy is stunned for a very long time.
But if the enemy is not stunned for a long time then just remove skill 1 so that it becomes 2-3-2-1-2.

Selena Item 2021

To use selena you must use items like the following:
  • Calamity Reaper 
  • Lightning Truncheon 
  • Divine Glaive Winter 
  • Truncheon 
  • Holy Crystal 
  • Demon Shoes 
If you don’t like demon shoes, you can also use magic shoes to selena. You can also use the Necklace Of Durance item to reduce your opponent’s lifesteal. 

Selena Emblem 2021

For use selena emblem 2021, please use it as in the following image
How to Use Selena 2021

That’s how to use selena mlbb or how to play selena mobile legends. The point is, when you use Selena Mobile Legends, you have to always change by pressing the ultimate skill and also have to always use skill 2. 
So many articles on how to use Selena Mobile Legends. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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