How to Create Squad in ML, Very Easy
How to Create Squad in ML – Every player who wants to take part in a tournament in Mobile Legends, there are times when they have to make a squad in ml because every team that is formed comes from the squad, not from the room.
In general, there are only five people in one squad who will participate in matches such as tournaments. On the other hand, reserves are also needed in the squad.
Not only for tournaments, everyone can create squad in Mobile Legends very easily. Even though the members or teams in your squad are rarely active, using the squad will make your account look more special.
Then how to create squad in ml?
Ok, if you want to create squad in Mobile Legends, below I show you how to create squad in ml. Please follow these steps.

How to Create Squad in ML

1. First, open the Mobile Legends game on your device.
2. Then tap on the sword icon located in the lower right corner.
3. Then press the Create Squad tab.
4. There you can create squad in ml by filling in everything needed such as Squad Name, Short Name, Manifesto and Squad Region.
5. If you have filled everything in, then press the Create button, then you have successfully create squad in ml.
Before you do how to create squad in ml as above, there are a few things you must understand, which are as follows:
  • You must have 199 diamonds to be able to make squad in ml.
  • Your account must have reached more than level 20. 
  • Automatically, the squad maker will become the leader.
Those are some steps on how to create squad in ml. So are you interested in trying it? If interested, please follow the steps on how to create squad in ml that I have written.

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