How To Get Free Royal Pass in PUBG
How to Get Free Royal Pass in PUBG – In every season there will be a new royal pass which contains attractive prizes. With this royal pass, all players want to get royal pass in PUBG. 
Of course you have to complete several daily missions. That way, you will get free royal pass in PUBG that no other player has ever had.
The prizes and bonuses that you will get are very large. So many are looking for a way to get free royal pass in PUBG. If that’s what you want then you have to follow the steps I have written below.

How To Get Free Royal Pass In PUBG

1. Have purchased a royal pass before
If you have or have purchased a royal pass in the previous season then later you will not need additional UC to buy a royal pass in the next season.
2. Using UC for free
Then you can also use the free uc by exchanging it. On average to get free uc you can do in bonus challenge tournaments. Every player who has registered will get battle points.
Those battle points that you can later exchange in the bonus challenge shop to become UC. Every 6000 battle points, you will get 600 uc.
3. Join the giveaway
You can also get free royal pass in pubg by participating in an existing giveaway. Usually there are people who give a number of uc to people who have done something that has been specified in the giveaway.
In this case you have to keep an eye on who is holding the giveaway. If you’ve heard that someone else has done it, you can jump right into the giveaway.
That’s how to get free royal pass in PUBG. Hopefully some of the ways above can make you get free royal pass in PUBG.
If there are any questions you want to convey, don’t hesitate to let me know via the comments column provided at the bottom of this post, thank you.

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