How to Hide Character in PUBG
How to Hide Character in PUBG – Some people want to hide character in PUBG mobile. Of course you can do it because hide character in PUBG is also an official feature of the PUBG game.
Hide character in PUBG aims to prevent other people from seeing the character you use. When you are offline, other players who try to see your character cannot.
Other players will only see a text saying that this player has hidden the character. In my opinion, this feature is very useful for people who don’t really want to be known by many people. 
So before you finish playing PUBG, before going offline it would be nice to activate this feature. But not everyone knows how to hide character in PUBG.
Some of them even keep asking about it. Of course this is normal if the player is a beginner in the PUBG mobile game.
In general, how to hide character in PUBG is very easy. Even to do this method, you only need about 2 to 3 minutes, amazing right?.
Well, if you are currently looking for a way to hide character in PUBG, below I will show you how. See more below.

How to Hide Character in PUBG

1. The first thing you have to do is enter the Settings menu. I’m sure you already know where the Settings menu is located, which is at the bottom right.
2. If you are already in the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the Show Clothes menu.
3. Then you can activate the Show Clothes feature by sliding the button to the right until it turns green.
4. Up here, you have successfully done how to hide character in PUBG.
If at any time you want to show back the character that you have hidden, the method is very easy. You just have to slide the button left in the Show Outfits section until it turns black.
To test whether it has worked or not, you can ask your friends to see your pubg character.
Later if there are friends or other players who see your character then your character cannot be seen. Other players will not see anything there because your character seems to be missing.
That’s how to hide character in PUBG. The method is very easy indeed. If you are used to it, then you can do it quickly.

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