How To Lock Profile in Netflix, It Works
How to Lock Profile in Netflix – Netflix is ​​an application that can be used for refreshing or looking for entertainment. User can see whatever he likes. Apart from that, you can also lock your profile in Netflix.
Lock profile in Netflix aims to secure your account so that other people can’t easily see your Netflix profile. Of course this will really help you in hiding some bad content.
It’s a very cool feature and are you interested now to try it? If you want to try a profile lock in Netflix, below I’ll show you how. Here’s how to lock profile in Netflix.

How To Lock Profile in Netflix

1. First, please open the browser on your device and visit the site.
2. In this site, you must log into your Netflix account.
3. Then tap on the profile icon located on the top right.
4. After that, you can select an account.
5. Then you can tap Profile > Profile Name > Profile Lock.
6. In order for you to set the profile lock you must enter your Netflix account password or password.
7. If you have, press on the Next button.
8. Then please check the box provided.
9. Enter the pin that you will use to lock profile in Netflix. This pin is 4 digits long.
10. Next, tap on the Save button.
Here, you have successfully done how to lock profile in Netflix. If you want to unlock profile in Netflix, remove the check mark as explained in number 8.
That’s how to lock profile in Netflix. Hopefully you can understand it well because the way to do it is very easy.
But if you are still confused, you can leave a comment in the comments column provided at the bottom of this post, thank you.

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