How to Remove Injector in ML, 100% Successful
How to Remove Injector In ML – Recently many people are looking for how to remove injector in ml. Maybe because they were bored or even their account was detected by Moonton so they looked for that way.
It is true, Moonton does not allow Mobile Legends game users to use third-party applications such as skin injector applications.
If you have received a warning to remove injector ml apk and then you don’t do it, then your account may be deleted by Moonton for violating the rules.
To keep your account safe, you must remove all skin injector. If you don’t know how to remove injector in ml, please follow how to remove injector in ml as follows. 

How To Remove Injector In ML

1. First, for Android users, please find and install a file manager application such as ZArchiver.
2. If it is installed, open the application and give permission to your storage.
3. Then open the Android folder > data > > files > dragon 2017 > assets > Art > android.
4. After that type in the ZArchiver search field with the format heroname_skin, an example is as follows
  • If you have used fanny skin via the skin injector ml application, then type fanny_skin.
  • Do the same way when you want to remove the skin that you got from the ml injector.
5. If found, press a few moments and press Delete then this will remove injector in ml.
How to remove injector in ml as above is indeed not all at once so you need to remember the skin you have used.
But in this way the chances of success to remove injector in ml are very large, so please try it yourself.
That’s how to remove injector in ml. If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments or on the contact page, thank you.

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