How to Send Skin in ML to Friend
How to Send Skin in ML – Skin in ml game or Mobile Legends have an attractive appearance. Each hero has a different skin. The number is very large, depending on the Mobile Legends update itself because there are usually new skin that appear every once in a while.
Everyone who sees a skin with a cool look is definitely interested and wants to have it. But what if you don’t have diamonds to buy skin in Mobile Legends.
Don’t worry, you still have friends. You can request skin in Mobile Legends from him. If your friend wants, then he will definitely send skin in Mobile Legend for you. To send skin in ml is fairly easy.
Here I show you how to send skin in ml to your friend or other people. 

How to Send Skin in ML

1. The first step you have to do is open the Mobile Legends game.
2. If you have entered the initial screen for the Mobile Legends game, press the Shop menu on the top left.
3. After that you can press the Gifting icon at the top of the screen.
4. Here you can choose the skin you want to send to your friends as you wish using the Send button.
5. Find the friend you want to send skin in ml. You can write down the account name or account id of your friend and press Search.
6. Finally, press the Send button on a friend in the friend list that appears after you search for it, you have sent skin in Mobile Legends.
Before you do how to send skin in Mobile Legend as above, you better understand the conditions first so that when you send skin in ml it works. These are the conditions for send skin in ml.
  • You have been friends for 7 days or more.
  • You are using an account that is at level 20 or above.
  • Prepare a diamond at a price according to the skin you want to send.
Maybe that’s all I can give about how to send skin in ml. If you want to ask, please write in the comments column provided at the bottom of this post, thank you.

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