√ How to Contact Roblox Support
I will discuss how to contact Roblox support in this article. If you want to know, please continue to follow this article until the end so that you understand and can do every step that I will convey.
In the Roblox game, of course there are people who are in charge of receiving or serving any questions from players, namely Roblox support. With Roblox support, all players can convey important things in the game.
For example, such as errors in accounts, servers and so on. Every question asked by the players will be answered by Roblox support and he will also help solve the problem you are experiencing.
How to contact Roblox support is also very easy. Here I have three ways, namely contact Roblox support via Email, phone and website, I will explain everything.
Well, you just need to follow the steps I have written below.

How to Contact Roblox Support

1. By Email
The first way to contact Roblox support can be done via Roblox support Email info@Roblox.com. With that email you can convey what you need related to the Roblox game.
2. Via Phone
The second way is to contact Roblox phone. The number you can call is +1-888-858-2569. You can talk directly to Roblox customer support who is always available 24 hours a week.
3. Via Website
Apart from email and phone, you can also contact Roblox support via website. Please open your browser and visit the site https://www.roblox.com/Support to start contacting Roblox support.
On the website you have to fill in the requested data and the questions you want to ask Roblox.
That’s how to contact Roblox support, now everything is clear. You can choose one of the methods above to contact Roblox support according to your own wishes.
If you have questions regarding how to contact Roblox support, please leave your comments below this post, thank you.

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