√ How to Get Free Skin in ML
How to Get Free Skin in ML – Do you know what is skin in Mobile Legends? For Mobile Legends game players, you may be familiar with skin. In fact, they really want to get free skin in ml or in Mobile Legends.
Why do they want that? As is known that the skin has an attractive appearance or design. Every player who saw it would want to have that skin. The skin will increase the damage and defense of the hero you are using.
Although a little, but the effect is extraordinary. Of course, from each different hero there are different skin available as well. Each hero can have skin up to more than 5. An example can be seen in hero fanny.
In addition, there are several tournaments that require players to use skin when competing. All these things make many people look for ways to get free skin in ml.
How to get free skin in Mobile Legends is actually very easy. You only need to install a special application to be able to open all skin in Mobile Legends. So this method will not make you remove diamonds or rather without diamonds. 
Then how to get free skin in ml?
You must have been curious about how to get free skin in ml app. Alright, let’s look at the following steps.

How to Get Free Skin in ML

1. First, you have to install an application called AG Injector, you can search for it on Google. For Android users, look for it in the Play Store. For iOS, search for it in the App Store.
But in my opinion, the one that provides the most complete free skin is on Google.
2. Then in the application you can start choosing the skin you want to use.
3. After that, press on Inject and wait for it to finish.
4. If the process is complete, you can open or enter the Mobile Legends game.
5. Use the hero you have chosen skin.
6. If successful, immediately exit the Mobile Legends game and delete the injector application. If not, it is possible that your account will be banned from Moonton.
That’s how to get free skin in ml. You can choose all the skins you want. So now it’s proven that you can get free skin in ml with app and without diamonds.

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