√ How to Update PUBG
How to Update PUBG – Every now and then, PUBG Mobile adds some really cool new features. It requires you to update PUBG Mobile. So that you can enjoy this feature, you have to update PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile update can also be done without the Play Store.
How to update PUBG Mobile is also very easy. Here I will show you how. You can update PUBG Mobile on Android, on iOS or on iPhone, on Play Store, on the Apps Store and even without Play Store. I hope you follow the steps I have written below.

How to Update PUBG Mobile

1. First, for Android users, please open your Play Store.
2. Then search for the PUBG Mobile game by typing in the search field.
3. After it appears, press PUBG Mobile.
4. Next, press the Update button then PUBG Mobile will be updated automatically, you just need to wait until it’s finished. 
How to update PUBG Mobile above can be done on all types of Android. But if it turns out that your Play Store is experiencing problems, then the only way to update PUBG Mobile is without Play Store, here’s how.

How to Update PUBG Mobile Without Play Store

1. Open your browser and visit Uptodown.
2. Then press on the D*wnl*d button available there.
3. When the process is complete, go to your Android settings.
4. After that, uninstall the old version of the PUBG Mobile game installed on your Android.
5. If you have uninstalled it, now you can install the latest version of the PUBG Mobile application that you got via the link above.
6. Then the PUBG Mobile update without Play Store has been successful. If you want to update PUBG Mobile on iPhone, please follow these steps.

How to Update PUBG Mobile on iPhone (iOS)

1. Open the Apps Store on your iOS or iPhone.
2. Tap on the update icon located at the bottom right corner.
3. Then tap on update all.
4. Here you must enter a password to approve the PUBG Mobile update and also all existing applications.
Those are some ways to update PUBG Mobile. The method is very easy for you to do. That’s all for my reviewers and I’ll see you in the next article, thank you.

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