2 Ways How to Delete COC Account, 100% Successful
How to Delete COC Account – Clash Of Clans is a very fun game. This game has many players all over the world. But what happens if you want to delete Clash Of Clans account.
Some people want to do that, maybe the reason they want to delete Clash Of Clans account permanently is because they don’t want to play it anymore. Besides, they might already have another and better Clash Of Clans account.
Actually there are two ways you can do to delete Clash Of Clans account, namely from Gmail and from Supercell ID. Here I will try to explain all that.
To delete COC account, you must first unbind it. Alright, if you want to delete COC account from Supercell ID, please read the following guide.

How to Delete COC Account

1. First, open your Clash Of Clans game.
2. Then go to tap on the Settings icon.
3. Tap on Help and Support.
4. Here you can select Supercell ID.
5. After that, select Why a verification code is asked every time you enter Supercell ID.
6. Tap the message icon in the upper right corner and fill in the message as follows:
Hello Supercell…
I want to ask you for help that I want to unbind Supercell ID from my village because I don’t need Supercell ID. I really hope you can help.
Thank you Supercell.
7. Send the message and wait for a reply.
8. If Supercell replies to your message it will ask you things like
  • The month and year you played the village.
  • Using what kind of device.
  • Your village name.
  • The name of the clan you have joined.
9. You must answer all the questions correctly.
10. If all the answers are correct then your Supercell ID account will be unbind.
11. You can exit and reopen the game Clash Of Clans.
12. When you are logged in and asked to Sign in using Supercell ID, select Sign In Without Supercell ID.
13. After that, the Supercell ID button in the Settings menu will turn red, indicating that you have successfully unbind Supercell ID.
14. Exit the game Clash Of Clans and go to the Settings of your device.
15. Go to the Applications menu and select Clash Of Clans.
16. Delete all cache and data for the Clash Of Clans game, that way you have successfully delete Clash Of Clans account from Supercell ID.
Furthermore, for how to delete Clash Of Clans account from Gmail or from Google Play, you can read the following steps.

How to Delete Clash Of Clans Account From Gmail

1. Open your browser and visit the link https://myaccount.google.com/permissions, dont forget to login using your Gmail account.
2. Then tap on the Clash Of Clans app or game.
3. After that, tap on Remove Access.
4. Go to your device’s Settings.
5. Go to the Applications menu > Clash Of Clans.
6. Clear cache and clear Clash Of Clans data.
This will remove your Gmail or Google Play account access to the Clash Of Clans game so that when you log in Clash Of Clans using that Gmail account again, you will start the game from the beginning.
That’s how to delete coc account. If you want to delete Clash Of Clans account from Supercell ID, use the first method. If you want to delete coc account from Gmail, choose the second method.

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