4 Ways How to Prank Your Girlfriend Over Text
How to Prank Your Girlfriend Over Text – In a relationship, sometimes there are some people who are just a prankster. They want to work on their girlfriends for the happiness they feel.
You can work on your girlfriend in various ways, one of which is through text.
It’s a natural thing to have fun with your boyfriend in every relationship someone has. The goal is to get rid of boredom or something like that.
If your position is far from your girlfriend, then you can use a mobile device to work on it.
You are free to do whatever using the mobile you have. But here I have a few ways to prank your girlfriend over text. So your girlfriend will definitely be confused and amazed by the text.

How to Prank Your Girlfriend Over Text

1. Send blank text
First, you can try sending your boyfriend a blank text. To create a blank text is very easy. You just need to copy the following blank text.
(                 )
Please copy the blank text above without brackets and send the text to your girlfriend via chat applications such as Whatsapp and others.
2. Sending reverse text
Then you can also prank your girlfriend through text by making writing or text upside down. For how to make it, go to the Ceebydith Online site and write the text in the box provided.
Instantly the text that you have written will be reversed and you can copy and send it to your girlfriend so she can read it.

3. Send text over and over
If you really want to prank your girlfriend over text so that your girlfriend gets mad then you can send a text over and over again. There are many applications that can be used to do this, you can look for them.
4. Write a short text
Write a short text and send it to your girlfriend. He will definitely be annoyed with what you do because he thinks that you are very indifferent in responding to it.
That’s how to prank your girlfriend over text. Now you can try it yourself and if it works, let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this post, thank you.