5 Ways How to Forfeit In Valorant, Easy Steps

How to Forfeit In Valorant – Game Valorant provides a system that you can use to admit defeat. The system is called forfeit. The system allows every player on a team to vote forfeit in Valorant.
Actually, not only in the Valorant game, but in several other games they also have a surrender system. Of course, this has become a common thing in games that present matches.
If many of your teammates agree, the match will be over and your team will be the losing team. It will not buy time to continue the match.
Usually the team you are against is not comparable to your own team. They are more powerful in terms of ability so you and your teammates will have a hard time fighting them.
So in order for the match to end quickly, you have to give up on Valorant. How to forfeit in Valorant or how to leave a match in Valorant is also very easy. You can read more in the following.

How to Forfeit In Valorant

1. To give up or forfeit in Valorant, press enter and type /ff, Forfeit, Concede, Surrender in the chat field.
2. Then the option for forfeit will appear on your screen.
3. Teammates can vote forfeit in Valorant by answering /yes to agree and /no to disagree.
4. Can also use the F5 key to agree and F6 to not forfeit in the match.
5. But this time for forfeit in Valorant you can do it more easily by opening Settings and pressing the Surrender button.
For forfeit in Valorant to work you will need about 4 forfeit votes to approve it. Below that it won’t work. But in Competitive mode, you will need all of them to give up in Valorant.
Well, that’s how to forfeit in Valorant or how to leave a match in Valorant. So now are you ready to vote forfeit in Valorant when you meet an unbalanced opponent? Tell me through the comments column.

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