5 Ways How to Use Wall Ring COC
How to Use Wall Ring COC – As a Clash Of Clans player, you must have seen the wall ring. Then what is the function of the wall ring in Clash Of Clans and how to use wall ring in Clash Of Clans? Further details below.
Wall ring coc is an item that you can use to increase your wall instantly without requiring resources. Of course this will be very helpful for those who want to increase the wall but do not have gold.
Wall ring Clash Of Clans can be obtained by buying it in the shop menu. Go to the shop menu and select the league medal icon. Then there you will see a wall ring coc that can be purchased. To buy a wall ring, you must have 50 league medals.
After you buy it, if you want to see the item then tap on your town hall and tap on the magic item. If the wall ring is available then the picture will be bright. Otherwise, it will look dark.
Ok, then for how to use wall ring coc it is also very easy. You will find out after reading the following steps.

How to Use Wall Ring COC

1. We start from the beginning, please open your Clash Of Clans game.
2. I assume you already have a wall ring coc.
3. Then tap on one of the walls that you want to upgrade to a higher level.
4. After that, tap on the picture or wall ring icon that appears on the screen.
5. Finally, press one more time on the wall ring icon and it works, now you have use wall ring in Clash Of Clans correctly.
Just like that? Yes, that’s right, because Clash Of Clans does not make it difficult for every player when they want to use the items they have, one of which is the wall ring.
That’s how to use wall ring coc. Hope you can understand it well. Thank you and hopefully useful for you.

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