6 Ways How to Unfriend in PUBG, Successfully
How to Unfriend in PUBG – Having friends in the PUBG mobile game is very fun. but what happens if your friend’s account is no longer active. The only way to remove the account from the friends list is to unfriend in PUBG mobile.
How to unfriend in PUBG mobile is very useful, the goal is to clean friend accounts that are no longer active. That way, you can add other friends who are still active and can be invited to play together.
Maybe the way to unfriend in PUBG mobile in the latest update is different from the way that has existed before. Even though it’s different, but you can still do it by following this post.
For those of you who want to do it but don’t know how, you don’t need to worry because here I will show you how to unfriend in PUBG or how to remove friends in PUBG that you can do in the latest update like now.

How to Unfriend in PUBG

1. First, open the PUBG game on your device.
2. Then go to the Friend List section which is located on the top left.
3. After that, tap on the three line menu and tap on Batch Manage.
4. There you can put a check mark on the account you want to unfriend on PUBG mobile. You can tick up to 50 accounts at a time.
5. If you have determined the account you want to unfriend by ticking it, then press the Delete button.
6. Confirm by pressing OK that appears on your screen then, how to unfriend in PUBG mobile has been completed.
I suggest, don’t unfriend all your friends in PUBG mobile but remove friends who are no longer active because if you do, your account will definitely feel lonely so you can’t play with your friends again.
That’s how to unfriend in PUBG. The method is very easy. If you want to ask about the tutorial above, please write in the comments column provided at the bottom of this post, thank you.

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