7 Ways How to Change Accounts on Clash Royale
How to Change Accounts on Clash Royale – Clash Royale is a game that must be played using an account. This is the main thing that is required by Supercell itself. By having an account, every player can play smoothly without worrying about repeating it again.
Sometimes there are also some players who are not satisfied when they only have one account. Some of them even have multiple accounts in Clash Royale. The number of accounts will certainly make you want to play them all.
Of course you can play using another account by switch accounts on Clash Royale. That way, all of your accounts can be leveled up.
Well, if you have more than one account then if you want to play one of them, you have to switch accounts on Clash Royale. But how to change accounts on Clash Royale? Further details below.

How to Change Accounts on Clash Royale

1. Open your Clash Royale game.
2. Then open Settings.
3. To change account in Clash Royale using Facebook, press on the Facebook button.
4. To switch accounts on Clash Royale using Google Play, press the Google Play button.
5. After that, press again on some of those buttons.
6. Next, another account will appear, you can choose it.
7. Finally, enter Confirm in the box provided and press the Confirm button.
Then your Clash Royale game will restart or load again. After loading is complete, the account you are playing is not the previous account anymore, but another account because you have switch accounts on Clash Royale.
So that’s how to change accounts on Clash Royale. Only by disconnecting the account first, then contacting him again. Later a list of accounts will appear that you can choose to enter the Clash Royale game.
If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column provided at the bottom of this post. Thank you and hopefully useful for you.

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