How to Change Account In COC, Easy And Fast

How to Switch Account In COC – When you have more than one account in Clash Of Clans, you definitely want to change coc account to another account. Of course this is allowed by Supercell because it has provided the account change feature in coc.
With this, Clash Of Clans users will be able to upgrade other town halls they have so that all town halls owned in both COC accounts are at the same high level.
Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to change account in coc. In fact, they often ask about it. This is a very natural thing for users who are trying to change account in COC for the first time.
Actually, you can change your account in COC easily. If you are used to it, surely you can do it.
For those of you who are looking for how to switch account in Clash Of Clans, I have some guides on how to change account in coc. Please follow these steps.

How to Switch Account In COC

1. Open your Clash Of Clans game.
2. Then open Settings by pressing the gear icon at the top of the Store.
3. Then disconnect the service that is connected to your coc account.
4. After that press again one of the services that you have connected with your other coc account.
5. Next press Sign In.
6. Now you can enter your second coc account.
7. In the box that appears, type CONFIRM.
8. Then press the Ok button and change account in coc you have done well.
That’s how to switch account in Clash Of clans. So basically to change account in coc, you just disconnect the connected account and then reconnect using another account you want to change in coc.
If you are still confused, don’t be shy to ask through the comments column below this article, thank you.

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