How to Change Tagline In Valorant, 100% Successful

How to Change Tagline In Valorant – In general, game accounts have a unique identity, for example like in the Valorant Tagline. Then do you know what is Valorant tagline and how to change Valorant tagline? You can read more in the following.
Valorant tagline is a unique identity that has been given by Valorant itself for each account that registers and plays. Unlike usernames, taglines will be owned by each account with each tagline.
So in this case there is no single Valorant account that has the same tagline because it will be confusing if one day someone is looking for your Valorant me and with that Valorant tagline, someone can find you quickly.
Every account is not guaranteed that it will get a very cool Valorant tagline. Even on average, the Valorant tagline obtained has a tag that is difficult to remember. If you get it, I think you should figure out how to change Valorant Tagline.
Why should you change Valorant tagline? Because so you can remember it easily so you don’t have to open the game when someone asks for your Valorant tagline.
Alright, to change Valorant tagline, you can read how to change tagline in Valorant that I have written below.

How to Change Tagline In Valorant

1. First, open your browser and go to the Riot Games website.
2. If you are logged into the site, select Riot Account.
3. There you have to enter your own Valorant game.
4. After that, tap on Riot ID.
5. Then you can create or give a new ID and also a new hashtag.
6. If you have done everything, press the Submit button.
7. Up here, you have successfully change Valorant tagline. You can check it by logging into your Valorant game. 
When you change id, don’t use inappropriate words. In addition, once every 31 days you can also change the id.
So that’s how to change tagline in Valorant. How easy is it not? Now you can change Valorant tagline as you wish.

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