How to Fix High Ping in Roblox, It's Easy
Have you ever experienced high ping in Roblox? So how does it feel when you experience it? If you continue to experience it then you should find a way to fix high ping in Roblox.
High ping in Roblox is something that Roblox game players don’t like, where when the player gets it, he feels uncomfortable or annoyed when playing it.
High ping in Roblox is caused by many factors, one of which is because Roblox is a game that is accessed by many countries around the world. With so many players, the ping becomes high or unstable.
You must also know that everyone wants to play Roblox smoothly and without problems. Therefore below I have written steps on how to fix high ping in Roblox.

How to Fix High Ping in Roblox

1. First, please enter the site
2. There you can select the Region, I recommend using the Korean Region. But if you want to use another Region, it’s not a problem.
3. Then in the Create your PPTP Private Account section, you can choose a server that is still available. Try to choose a server with a small number of players and a server that has a long active period.
4. After that, in the section to create an account, you can enter your username, password and press the Create Account button.
5. If your account information appears next to the registration field, it indicates that you have successfully created an account.
6. Next, you have to create a vpn on your own device and fill in all the vpn information with the account data you have created.
7. After you create a vpn then you have to connect it by pressing on Connect.
8. If you have done all the ways to fix high ping in Roblox as above, now you can start opening and entering the Roblox game to play. You can feel the difference before and after doing it.
How to fix high ping in Roblox as I have discussed above does not completely make your ping reach a stable point. But at least relieve the high ping which is very annoying in Roblox.
In addition, the vpn account that you have created has different time limits ranging from 3 to 7 days. If the account has passed the specified time limit then you must create a new account.
That’s how to fix high ping in Roblox, hope you can do it. Good luck and see you in the next article, thank you.

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