How to Get League Medals In Clash Of Clans, 100% Work

How to Get League Medals In COC – Hello friends, meet me again on this blog. This time I will discuss how to get league medals in coc. For those of you who want to know, please read this article to the end.
Do you know what is a league medals in coc? League medals are items that you can use to buy various other items available in the Shop. Surely no one wants to miss this.
That’s why many people are vying for a league medals in coc, maybe you are one of them, right? Actually, how to earn league medals in COC is very easy.
You must get league points first. For how to get league medals in clash of clans, you can read the following steps

How to Get League Medals In COC

1. Join a clan
First, you have to join a clan. There are many clans in coc that are very good at playing it, you can look for it yourself. Join this clan so that you can join the clan war league in coc.
2. Great clan member
Make sure the clan you join has a lot of great clan members, even if necessary all of them because this will make your clan can easily win the clan war league.
3. Join the war league
If all the members in your clan are always active and have extraordinary skills then you can start joining clan war leagues. Here you have to be really ready because the opponent you will face is quite difficult.
4. Get clan war league stars
Next you also have to get stars when attacking opponents in the clan war league because the more stars you get the more you get league medals in Clash Of Clans.
Do not let you not get a single star because it will only make you in vain.
Those are some guides on how to get league medals in Clash Of Clans. So basically to get league medals in coc you have to follow the clan war league held between clans in coc.

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