How to Get Mods in Among Us, Read This
I will discuss how to get mods in Among Us in this article. If you keep following it to the end, you will surely know everything I have to say. Let’s see the full article below.
Among Us has several types of applications such as regular applications and also mods applications in Among Us. For the usual Among Us application, of course it has become a common thing that is used by everyone. But for Among Us Mods, what it looks like.
Among Us mods is an application or game Among Us that has been modified. In that modification, there are additional features that are very cool and features that you can’t find in the usual Among Us.
Some of the features that Among Us mods have are such as unlocking all skins, all free pets, available mod menu, being able to set impostor or becoming and knowing impostor, being able to exit the game, speed run and many others.
This is what makes many people look for and want to get mods in Among Us. If you are one of those people who are looking for ways to get mods in Among Us, please follow these steps.

How to Get Mods in Among Us

1. For Mobile or Phone
You can get mods in Among Us on mobile via the link
2. For PC iOS iPhone
To get mods in Among Us on PC, please open the link
To install it is very easy, you just need to uninstall the original Among Us and then install the Among Us mods that you got and enjoy playing.
That’s how to get mods in Among Us. Only by visiting the link that I have provided above, there you can get mods in Among Us according to the device you are using.

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