How to Get Pets in Islands Roblox
Roblox has added a new feature to it, namely pets. This feature was added on July 17, 2021. Pets can be found on Roblox islands. With this, many people want to get pets in islands Roblox.
In Roblox islands there are several pets, namely Bhaa, Kor, Dragon, Slime King, Wizzard Boss and Crab. But unfortunately each player is only allowed to have or get one pet only.
Each pet has no useful use, they will just follow you whenever and wherever you go. Pets you can not use to participate in a battle, mining and other things.
Even so, pets provide a new playing experience so that your game will look more interesting because the pets you have are always followed.

How to Get Pets in Islands Roblox

To get pets in islands Roblox, you must spawn pets using spawn pets eggs. In addition, players must also own the island they are currently on.
Then hold the egg and you can tap on your screen anywhere then the egg will become a pets in islands Roblox.
For example, if you want crab then you have to get the treasure that appears on the islands of Roblox.
This treasure was sent by Davey the Traveling Pirate to bring up a free treasure map. You have to follow the treasure map to unlock it.
Once a day, Davey will appear on your island. But if not then you have to buy a treasure map for 150 Doubloons which is on the pirate island. If your account is new then you won’t be able to view it for up to two days.
Maybe that’s how to get pets in Islands Roblox that I can share this time. If something is missing about how to get pets in islands Roblox, please write in the comments so I can fix it.

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