How to Get the Kuruma in GTA 5 Online For Free

GTA is one of the old games that still has a lot of players. The excitement made new players start arriving, what’s more coupled with a new car called kuruma or kuruma armor. Surely many want to get kuruma in GTA 5 online.
As is known that Kuruma is a very cool mobile. The mobile has a very extraordinary design and defense that is impenetrable by the opponent. Since its appearance, many people have wanted to get kuruma armor in GTA 5 online.
You can also get kuruma in GTA 5 online for free. If you are interested in the car, you must complete the following steps. 

How To Get Kuruma In GTA 5 Online For Free 

1. Own a high-end apartment
First, you must have an apartment. The apartment that you must have is a high-end apartment. You can buy it at the cheapest price in del perto.
If you already have an apartment that already has a garage, then you don’t need to buy it again.
2. Complete the heist flecca job
Then to get kuruma in GTA 5 online for free, you must complete the heist flecca job. Flecca job consists of three missions, you can complete them all.
3. Get the kuruma armor
After that, go to southernsanandreassuperautos then there you can directly buy it by choosing the black kuruma armor. If you have got kuruma in GTA 5 online then the mobile will be in your apartment garage.
That’s how to get kuruma in GTA 5 online, but for free it has not been found a way because in general you have to pay but if there is, I will update this post.
If there are questions you want to convey, please write them in the comments column provided at the bottom of this post, thank you.

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