How to Hide Free Fire in Home Screen
Free Fire has different rank levels. If your account manages to reach a high rank then you must always be careful when playing it. What’s more, if someone wants to borrow your cellphone to play Free Fire, if he’s not an expert, your ranking may drop.
Therefore, to secure each Free Fire account so that it cannot be played by others, you must hide Free Fire in home screen. That way they won’t be able to play it because Free Fire doesn’t appear on the home screen.
How to hide Free Fire in home screen is also very easy. If your device does not support the feature to hide apps, then you can use additional apps that are already available on the Google Play Store.
Alright, here’s how to hide Free Fire in home screen that I wrote specifically for Android users.

How to Hide Free Fire in Home Screen

1. First, open your Play Store and search for and install an application called DC Launcher – Android Oreo Style, Fast & Simple.
2. If you have it installed, open the application and tap on the > icon that appears on your screen.
3. Then there you can put a check mark on the application you want to add to the home screen.
4. If you uncheck it then the application will be hidden from home screen. You can do it for the Free Fire game.
5. If you have selected the application, press on the Add button.
6. After that, your home screen will change to the home screen of the application and the application that you did not check does not appear or you managed to hide it.
You must activate the launcher so that it becomes the main display on your home screen. To disable the launcher, you can do it by deleting the application via recent apps.
If you can’t, please go to settings > applications > select DC Launcher > Default App > delete open by default that application.
That’s how to hide Free Fire in home screen. If you have any questions, please ask via the comments column. Thank you and see you in the next post.