How to Improve FPS in Valorant, It Works
How to Improve FPS in Valorant – FPS is an abbreviation of Frames Per Second. This FPS is indispensable for all games, one of which is Valorant. This is what I will discuss here, namely how to Increase FPS in Valorant.

How to Imrove FPS in Valorant

1. Disable all background processes
This will reduce the use of ram and cpu so that it will make the performance of your Valorant game increase. For windows, here’s how:
  • Open the search menu.
  • Find Background Apps.
  • Then disable it in the Let apps run in the backround section.
2. Disable startup
Furthermore, the way to increase FPS in Valorant, you can disable startup, which is as follows:
  • Press and hold CTRL + Shift + ESC at the same time.
  • Press the Startup menu.
  • Right-click on each application that you want to disable.
  • Then press Disable.
3. Turn NVIDIA into high performance
To set the existing VGA graphics when you use NVIDIA VGA as well as GTX and also RTX then follow these steps to improve FPS in Valorant:
  • First, open the NVIDIA control panel.
  • Tap on Manage 3D Settings.
  • You can change the Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance.
  • Then change the Texture Filtering Quality to High Performance.
  • After that, you must change all settings to OFF.
4. Changing monitor settings
To change your monitor settings, follow these steps:
  • Enter the NVIDIA control panel.
  • Tap on Change Resolution.
  • Then select the highest Resolution.
  • Also choose the highest Hz for your monitor.
5. Set up the Valorant grafik chart
How to increase FPS in Valorant you can do by setting the Valorant chart to a low chart, here’s how:
  • Log in to Valorant.
  • Open the settings menu.
  • Then press Video > Graphic Quality.
  • Select on low and also off for all existing settings.
6. Disable show corpses
Still in the Valorant game, disable show corpses with the following steps:
  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on General.
  • Press on Show Corpses until it becomes OFF.
7. Disable FPS Limit
Last, how to increase FPS in Valorant is as follows:
  • Enter the settings in the game Valorant.
  • Then tap on Video > General.
  • In Limit FPS Always, you can change it to OFF.
  • After that, in NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency, you can turn it On + Boost.
That’s how to improve FPS in Valorant. So many articles on how to increase FPS in Valorant and see you in the next post, thank you.

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