How to Open Mic in Valorant
On average, every online game must have an open mic feature. Just like in the Valorant game, you can open mic in Valorant. This is where I will discuss how to open mic in Valorant. Please follow this article to the end.
Open mic in Valorant is very important because with an open mic, you can communicate with your teammates while in a match. Communication that you can do is in the form of voice, so you can listen or talk.
Of course this will help you in carrying out the strategies that have been designed so that you and your teammates can win easily. Alright, here’s how to open mic in Valorant.

How to Open Mic in Valorant

1. First, open your Valorant game.
2. Then enter the settings menu.
3. Tap on Audio > Voice Chat.
4. Next, change Party Voice Chat and Team Voice Chat to On.
At this point, you should have successfully done the open mic method in Valorant. But if you have a problem that you can’t open mic in Valorant then you have to solve it by configuring the mic on your computer.
In addition, also check on the tool you are using whether it can function properly or not? Don’t forget to turn on as in the steps I have written in number 4.
That’s all the discussion about how to open mic in Valorant. Why is it too short? Because the method is very easy and does not take a long time.
In general, you only need to plug your mic into the computer and after that activate the settings in the Valorant game then your mic can function and be used properly.
If you have questions about how to open mic in Valorant, please leave your comments. Thank you and see you in the next article.

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