How to Redeem Valorant Gift Card in 6 Easy Steps
How to Redeem Valorant Gift Card – Gift card are available in the Valorant game where every user can exchange or redeem Valorant gift card so that they get gifts from them. Of course the prizes are very diverse.
The nominal amount available in this Valorant gift card is between $10, $25, $50 to $100. You can also get gift card in several ways, for example from friends or even buy them directly.
If you have a Valorant gift card, you should exchange it because otherwise it’s a waste. What’s more, if the gift card is damaged, the code contained in it will also be damaged so that it is not clearly visible and ultimately cannot be used.
So for those of you who want to redeem a Valorant gift card, you can follow the complete steps below.

How to Redeem Valorant Gift Card

1. The first step, please open and login to your Valorant game.
2. Then tap the Valorant icon next to Store.
3. Tap on Card and Prepaid Code.
4. After that, a column will appear on your screen to enter or redeem Valorant gift card.
5. Enter your code and press Submit.
6. Quickly, the prize will be credited to your Valorant account.
Maybe after you read the steps above, you think that it turns out that the way to redeem a Valorant gift card is very easy. But here you have to know whether the code is working properly or not.
Because if the code doesn’t work properly then the only way to fix it is to contact the seller or the person who gave you the Valorant gift card. Ask for a new code instead and re-enter it.
Okay, that’s all I can share about how to redeem Valorant gift card. If you still have problems, you can let me know via comments, thanks.

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