How to Turn On Voice Chat In Roblox, Easy

How to Enable Voice Chat On Roblox – Hello friends, this time I will discuss how to enable Roblox voice chat or how to use Roblox voice chat. If you want to know it, read all the writings that I have written in this post because so you can understand it well. 
Voice chat in Roblox game is the latest feature where all users can communicate with each other through voice. This feature has been eagerly awaited by all Roblox players.
If you just keep typing chat, it will make your fingers feel tired. That’s why Roblox has added a voice chat feature.
For people who want to try it, of course, they must get Roblox voice chat first. The method is also very easy, you will understand it after following how to enable voice chat in Roblox 2021 and how to use Roblox voice chat below.

How to Enable Voice Chat On Roblox

1. First, to enable Roblox voice chat, please go to via your browser.
2. Then tap on the Audio tab on the left of your screen.
3. Record all the words you want and you can upload them there.
4. Next, tap on the Estimated Price button. The recording that you have uploaded will be reviewed, if there are no bad words in the recording, your audio will definitely be accepted.
5. Then play any game you want in Roblox.
6. After logging in, go back to the audio that you uploaded and there you have to check the id of the audio. You can find the id via the url in your browser.
7. Next, go back to the game and open the boombox.
8. Press once and paste your audio id there.
9. Finally, press on Play then everyone can listen to the audio that you have made yourself.
That’s how to enable Roblox voice chat. You can create different audio and use it in the game. You should always keep in mind that audio must have polite speech.
If you make a mistake in what you say, you may get banned. Therefore, in creating or using Roblox voice chat, you have to be careful.

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