How to Update MediBang Paint, Easy
How to Update MediBang – MediBang Paint is an application that can be used for painting. In this application, there are various types of tools with various functions. The number of tools allows you to try them all to produce beautiful paintings. 
The features of MediBang Paint are undeniable, many options that will not make users feel bored. They even have to learn to make works that look cooler.
Like other applications, MediBang Paint also requires updating. This is so that users can experience the latest features that have been added to it.
On the other hand, the purpose of the MediBang update is also to fix existing errors.
If you have been installing the MediBang Paint application for a long time, then you must be diligent in update MediBang from time to time to get a better user experience.
How to update MediBang is also very easy, here I will show you how to update MediBang Paint on Android, iOS and Google, here’s how.

How to Update MediBang Paint

1. First, open the Play Store app on your Android or App Store on your iOS.
2. Then search for the MediBang Paint application by typing it in the search field.
3. If it appears, tap on that app.
4. Next, press the Update button, the Play Store or App Store will automatically update MediBang Paint application.
You can do the update MediBang above on Android and on iOS. If your market application is not working properly or is experiencing an error, you can do it through Google, here’s how.

How to Update MediBang Paint Via Google

1. Open your browser and visit the website
2. Then press the Latest version button.
3. After that, press D*wnl*d and wait for the process to finish.
4. If so, you must uninstall the old version of MediBang that has been installed on your device.
5. Next, you can install the latest version of Medibang Paint that you got from the site above.
6. Done.
For how to update MediBang Paint on PC, please read here
That’s how to update MediBang Paint. The method is not too complicated is it? Everyone can certainly do it easily and hopefully you also understand how to update MediBang.