How to Update Youtube Without Play Store, It's Easy

How to Update Youtube Without Play Store – Youtube is an entertainment medium that can be used to view various interesting videos. Not just entertainment, there are even many useful learning videos there.
With Youtube, people can be creative with the ideas they have. As for the audience will get extraordinary entertainment.
As a connoisseur, surely you will continue to visit it every day. But what happens if your Youtube can’t be opened? That indicates that you have to update Youtube.
For Android users, you can do update Youtube without Play Store. This is specifically for Android users who are experiencing errors in the Play Store.
Ok, if you want to update Youtube without Play Store, below I will show it. Please read how to update Youtube without Play Store.

How to Update Youtube Without Play Store

1. First, you have to open the browser you have on Android. Make sure you use the Chrome browser.
2. Then log in or visit the site
3. Then tap on the Latest Version button.
4. After that press the D*wnl*d button.
5. Next press OK on the pop up that appears on the screen then your browser is trying to get the latest version of Youtube.
6. Now you have to uninstall the Youtube application that has been installed on your device via settings.
7. If you have installed it with the latest version of the Youtube application that you got, then you have successfully updated Youtube without Play Store.
That’s how to update Youtube without Play Store. So basically you just change the old Youtube to the latest version of Youtube and this is the same as updating the Youtube application on your Android.
You can use this way of update Youtube without Play Store on all types of Android devices when the Play Store on the device is in error.

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