How to Use Astra Valorant, For Beginners
How to Use Astra Valorant – Astra is the fourth agent controller for Brimstone. He has several skills that produce extraordinary effects. The explanation of the astra skill is as follows.
For the first skill of this astra will activate a star. The star will form like a well that has gravity. Opponents who are right in that area will be attracted to the center of the area and then explode.
Astra’s second skill will also activate stars. However, these two astra skill stars will detonate a nova pulse and also provide concussing.
Astra’s third skill will create smoke that can be thrown over a great distance and for the fourth skill, Astra is able to remove all stars in a specified location or map.
To be able to master Astra, you must know how to use Astra Valorant because otherwise you will not be able to fight enemies around you. But now is the perfect time to impart the knowledge to use Astra Valorant.
Alright, to get the hang of Astra, I have a few steps on how to use Astra Valorant that might help you before playing.

How to Use Astra Valorant

1. Understand Every Astra Skill
First, of course you have to understand every skill that Astra has. It’s impossible if you suddenly use Valorant but don’t know what the skill is like then it will only confuse you when playing later.
2. Understanding Astra’s Weaknesses
Once you understand the skills that are in Astra, you also have to understand every weakness of Astra such as how Astra was defeated or how Astra was able to win.
It’s better to ask your teammates for help in order to take care of Astra’s weaknesses.
3. Don’t be too advanced
Then don’t go too far against the enemy to get a lot of kills. It might just keep you stuck. You have to play it safe until you can control the situation.
4. Pay attention to the location
When using astra Valorant, don’t forget to always pay attention to location. Here you really have to know a safe location so you can hide. You can issue skills to attract enemies who are also hiding from you.
5. Use Combo
Finally, you have to understand the combo from astra so that you can do combos with other agents. Of course, this combo will allow you to win.
Maybe that’s all I can give you some tips on how to use Astra Valorant. If you are willing to provide feedback for this article, please write in the comments.

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