How to Use Floryn ML, Auto Pro
How to Use Floryn ML – Mobile Legends has released a new hero named Floryn. Do you know how to use Flory in Mobile Legends? You can read more in the following.
Floryn is a new hero in the Mobile Legends game who is in a support role. It can be used to help teammates while in battle so that teammates will get certain effects.
Floryn’s skills are also very diverse, you can find out below:
Passive Skill – Dew
Floryn can share power with other heroes used by your teammates. Of course this effect will provide an additional equipment. In addition, lanterns and equipment can evolve when the stack is full.
Skill 1 – Sow
Floryn can throw a force at a predetermined opponent. Opponents who are hit by that power will take damage and bounce off other opponents who are close to them.
Skill 2 – Sprout
Floryn will also throw an energy that has been collected at the opponent he determines. The opponent will be affected by damage and also stun.
Skill 3 / Ultimate – Bloom
Floryn can recover all teammates’ heroes up to 2x. When the recovery is there an opponent approaches then the opponent will be exposed to damage.
After you know the skills that Floryn Mobile Legends has, now start with how to use Floryn ml.

How to Use Floryn ML

Floryn is a very easy to use hero. You don’t need to be confused when learning it. But if you want to do a Floryn combo, press skill 2 > skill 1 > skill 3 / ultimate.
Why must skill 2 first? Because so that the opponent is exposed to the stun effect first then you can use skill 1 and ultimate.
You have to remember that Floryn is a weak hero so when you are in a fight, stand on the last line. Don’t be in front of your friends because you might be the one who will be defeated first.
After all, as a support hero, you will definitely be targeted by your opponent because you can restore a teammate’s cellphone and interfere with the fight.
Then you also have to use the support emblem and flicker spell. But if you like other spells it’s not a problem as long as you can dodge your opponent well.
That’s how to use Floryn ml. How to use Floryn Mobile Legends is not like other high-level heroes such as fanny, hayabusa and others so you will definitely be a pro quickly.

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