Solved: How to Blend on Spotify With Friends
This time the latest feature on Spotify has officially been released, namely blend. This blend feature allows users to be able to combine several existing playlists into one. That way, two connected users in one blend will be measured by Spotify.
This is where the desire to share how to blend on spotify with friends began to appear in my mind. In addition, it turns out that you can share this blend stories feature on various social media platforms, one of which is Instagram stories.
All users who use Spotify will be able to try the blend playlist feature in Spotify but for premium users, they will get some really cool additional features.
So are you interested in Spotify blend feature? If you are interested, you should try it right now. But in order for you to experience the blend playlist feature on Spotify, you must know how to create a blend playlist on Spotify.
However, you have to create blend playlist feature in Spotify before you start using it. No need to be confused by that, below I have provided a guide on how to create a blend playlist on Spotify.

How to Create Blend Playlist on Spotify

1. First, open your Spotify.
2. Then tap on the search field.
3. Then select on the Made for you menu.
4. Tap on Create a Blend.
5. Next, you can invite friends by pressing Invite. Share the invitation via apps like Whatsapp, Telegram and others.
6. If the friend you have invited has joined the blend playlist on Spotify, then wait until he matches your favorite music with him.
7. When everything is done, you can find the blend playlist in the Made for you menu.
After how to blend on Spotify with friends or how to create blend playlist on Spotify you have successfully done, now you can share blend stories on social media.
That’s how to blend playlist on Spotify with friends. So now you don’t need to be confused anymore and you can immediately try the blend method on Spotify with friends if you need it.

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