What is Affinity Mobile Legends? Here's Explanation
Affinity Mobile Legends – In the latest Mobile Legends 2021 update in September, something new is available, namely affinity Mobile Legends. Do you know what is affinity Mobile Legends? Please read the following in full.

What is Affinity Mobile Legends?

Affinity Mobile Legends is a system that can be used to add friends or collaborate with friends. You can also send each other gifts to people you have made friends with.
Affinity Mobile Legends includes new features, you can find them by going to Profile > Social > Affinity.
Then press on the empty round icon, a list of your friends will appear such as contacts, close friends, following or followers, nearby players and mentors.
If you want to gain intimacy then you have to finish the game together with your friends. Each match in rank mode that has been completed together will give +6 familiarity. For classic mode +3 and for other modes +2.
Affinity Mobile Legends can be done by choosing someone. The trick is to go to the Profile menu > Social > Affinity > press the empty round icon > press the Love icon on a friend in Close Friends > press OK to form an affinity.
Then four affinities will appear that you can choose from, namely partners, relatives, friends and confidants. After selecting one of the four affinities, press the Confirm button.
You can read more about affinity Mobile Legends through the provided rules, namely in the Profile menu > Social > Affinity > pressing the empty round icon > Perks & Rules > Rules.
That’s an explanation of affinity Mobile Legends. The rest you can read for yourself through the method I have given above because all of that has been provided by Mobile Legends.

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