10 Ways How to Host a Space on Twitter, You Must Know
How to Host a Space on Twitter – Twitter has released the latest feature, namely space. In this article I will explain how to host a space on Twitter. You must be curious about that right? Check out the following explanation.
Spaces is a voice chat feature. This feature can allow users to have live audio conversations. Since the emergence of this feature, many Twitter users have wanted to try it.
You don’t need to add additional applications, you can even do many activities while using space on Twitter, for example, scheduling space and others.
Alright, for those of you who want to host a space on Twitter on Android, iPhone, or iOS, desktop or pc, please read some of the guides I’ve written below on how to host a space on Twitter.

How to Host a Space on Twitter

1. Open Twitter and log in using your account.
2. Then press the + icon at the bottom right.
3. Tap on Spaces > Get Started.
4. After that, you can enter the title of the space in the Name your space column.
5. If so, press Start your space.
6. Next, tap on the two person icon or Host Management > Add speakers.
7. You can activate the microphone on the device you are using.
8. For hosts, further settings can be made by pressing the three-dot icon or More Options.
9. Tap on Mic is off if you want to chat.
10. If you want to end the space, press on the End button.
You can also read more about how to use space on Twitter via the link I have provided https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/spaces.
That’s how to host a space on Twitter. It’s very easy, isn’t it? With just a few steps you can host a space on Twitter Android, iPhone or iOS, desktop or pc.

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