10 Ways How to Reduce Ping in Valorant, Successful
How to Reduce Ping in Valorant – In the game Valorant there is a system that can notify each player’s internet connection, namely ping. This ping can be high or low or small depending on whether your internet connection is good or not.
Of course you can use that to analyze before starting to play in a match so that later you don’t experience problems such as lag or other things that disturb you.
It’s easy to know the internet network is improving, namely the ping will decrease. Conversely, if the internet is bad then the ping will be high or enlarged.
But sometimes almost all players get a very high ping so they look for ways to reduce ping in Valorant. Actually, how to reduce ping in Valorant is very easy. You will find out after reading the following guide.

How to Reduce Ping in Valorant

1. Use internet package with high speed
2. Limiting connections on the internet network
3. Make Valorant a high priority in Task Manager.
4. Set the wifi router to be correct.
5. Stop background processes.
6. Restart your device.
7. Change DNS settings.
8. Use a VPN.
9. Use an ethernet connection.
10. Set low quality in Valorant.
Well, that’s how to reduce ping in Valorant. After you understand ten ways to reduce ping in Valorant as above, hopefully your ping in Valorant will be low or small so that it is no longer high.

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