11 Ways How to Put Music on Facebook Bio, Easy And Simple
How to Put Music in Facebook Bio – Facebook has a myriad of features, one of which is a feature to put music on your Facebook bio or add music in Facebook bio. This is where I will discuss about it.
This feature is a very cool feature, where every Facebook user can add music on their own Facebook profile. The goal is that other people can listen to the songs that you have entered in the Facebook bio.
Of course, this is an extraordinary thing because not only on a PC or computer, you can even put music in your Facebook bio via mobile devices such as Android and iOS or iPhone.
You must have been curious about add music to your Facebook bio, right? Well, here I show you how to add song in fb profile or how to put music in your Facebook bio on Android, iOS or iPhone mobile devices easily and quickly.

How to Put Music on Facebook Bio

1. First, to add music in Facebook bio, open facebook.com via Chrome browser.
2. Then log in to your Facebook account.
3. After that, go to your Facebook profile.
4. Scroll down and tap Music which is below the status box.
5. Tap on the Add Song button.
6. To search for songs or music, type in the fields provided.
7. Next, to add music in Facebook bio, press the Add button.
8. You can search to add more music.
9. When that’s enough, tap on the three-dot icon located to the right of the music.
10. Then to pin music to Facebook profile, press Pin to the top of profile.
11. After that, go back to your Facebook profile and congratulations, now you have successfully add music, pin music and put music on Facebook bio or profile.
If you want to listen to music that you have put in your Facebook bio, tap on that music and press the Play icon in the lower right corner then the music will play and you can listen to it.
If you want to delete that music, on your Facebook profile press the three-dot menu icon to the right of the music and tap Delete song from profile.
That’s how to put music on Facebook bio or how to add song in fb profile. The method is very easy to do because in just a few steps you can add or put music to bio on Facebook profile.

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