11 Ways How to Watch Valorant Replays, Easy
How to Watch Valorant Replays – Every game you play can be watched again with the replay feature, one of which is Valorant. This time I will discuss how to watch Valorant replays. For those of you who are curious, read this article to the end.
Replay Valorant is a feature that you can use to re-watch the matches you have played in the Valorant game. Surely this will help you understand what is missing from your way of playing.
Many want to see or watch replays of Valorant, but unfortunately, Valorant itself does not provide this feature. Even so, but they are working on creating a Valorant replay feature and it will be available on Valorant soon.
Even though Valorant itself does not provide a replay feature, you can see Valorant replays using other ways. Curious how to watch your own Valorant replays? Please follow the following guide.

How to Watch Valorant Replays

1. First, to watch Valorant replays, please open your Valorant game.
2. Go to Settings > Video.
3. Then limit all fps like background and etc.
4. Turn vsync to ON, this will make the fps limited to 60 fps.
5. Next, open OBS.
6. Go to File Settings > Output > Recording.
7. Set the Encoder to H.624 or H.625.
8. You must ensure that the Encoder is set to GPU not CPU.
9. In the Presets section, you can set it to balance.
10. In Rate Control Method, select CBR or Constant Bitrate.
11. For Target Bitrate, enter 16000 or lower so as not to lag.
Once you’ve set some of the settings above, you can start recording your Valorant match right away. When it’s finished, then you can search for the recording file so you can watch Valorant replays.
That’s how to watch Valorant replays. This method will not make your Valorant replays look lag because you have set it better. If Valorant replays are still lagging, you can lower the setting.

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