2 Ways How to talk in All Chat Valorant
How to Talk in All Chat Valorant – Valorant has a cool feature, namely chat all. This is where I will show you what is chat all on Valorant and how to talk in all chat Valorant.
Chat all is a feature that you can use to talk to all players in a match, be it your own team or even the opposing team. Of course, chat all in Valorant has a specific purpose, for example, so that opponents feel afraid when competing against you.
Actually, this feature does not only exist in the Valorant game, even some other online games have used the chat all feature. Maybe you are interested in trying to open chat or talk in all chat Valorant, right.
How to talk in all chat Valorant is also very easy. You only need to do a few steps that I have written below.

How to talk in All Chat Valorant

1. Using the Shift + Enter key
The first way to be able open chat in Valorant or to talk in all chat Valorant is to press the Shift + Enter key and then type your chat. To send it, press on Enter.
2. Using the Enter key + /all
Then to open chat in Valorant, you can also press the Enter key. Then type the code to chat all in Valorant, the code is /all. After typing the code, you can continue typing the chat that will be sent. Press on Enter to send the chat all.
That’s how to talk in all chat Valorant. With just a few steps you can already talk in all chat Valorant. If any enemy use the two methods above, then you can see enemy chats in Valorant.
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