2 Ways How to View IG Stories Without Being Seen, Try This

How to Watch IG Stories Anonymously – Do you want to watch IG stories anonymously? Surely for you it is a very cool thing right? Well, take it easy, here I will share a tutorial on how to watch IG stories anonymously.
Instagram is a social media application that prioritizes an image to be posted in each account. Not only that, even users can create Instagram stories the way they want.
Of the many Instagram stories, there must be some very interesting ones that make you want to see Instagram stories many times in an account that sent the Instagram stories.
Of course, if you view or watch IG stories continuously, your account name will be seen by the account owner. They will know that you are one of their fans. Surely you will feel a little embarrassed because you have watched his IG stories repeatedly.
Therefore, if you don’t want to be embarrassed, you can watch IG stories anonymously. You can also easily watch IG stories anonymously, as follows.

How to View IG Story Without Being Seen

1. First, for Android users, open the Play Store and search an application called Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram.
2. If found, install the application.
3. If it is already installed on your Android, open the application.
4. Then you can search for an account or profile by typing your username in the Search Instagram profiles column.
5. After that, tap on the account name that appears.
6. Finally, press on View Stories then you can view or watch IG stories anonymously.
Maybe if the account you are going to has been private, you can’t see his Instagram stories. You have to unlock it by subscribing in that app.
Besides watch Instagram stories anonymously, you can also View Highlights, View Posts, View Big Profile Photos or even save Instagram stories to your device gallery.
If you don’t want to view or watch IG stories anonymously using the Android app, you can do so using a website, here’s how.

How to Watch IG Stories Anonymously Without App

1. Open a browser and visit the website https://insta-stories.online.
2. Enter the user’s username in the Enter username field.
3. Tap on stories in the account that appears.
4. Done.
This website is also like an Android app, where you can save stories to your device’s storage.
That’s how to watch IG stories anonymously. So now you can choose one of the ways to watch IG stories anonymously that I have provided above and good luck.

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