3 Ways How to Pre-Install Genshin Impact 2021
How to Pre-Install Genshin Impact – Every now and then, Genshin Impact does the latest update. Maybe all players are waiting for the update made by Genshin Impact, some of them even want to pre install Genshin Impact.
Of course it’s a good idea because you will get the latest resources even though the Genshin Impact game has not been updated. So this will make you faster and get ready for the maintenance on Genshin Impact.
How to pre install Genshin Impact is also very easy. Here I have three ways to do it. If you want to do it, follow the way to pre install Genshin Impact below.

How to Pre Install Genshin Impact

1. The first way
  • First, please open Genshin Impact.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Tap on the Other menu.
  • Press Pre-Install Now.
  • After that, the process of d*wnl*ding the latest Genshin Impact resource will start immediately.
2. Second way
  • Open the Genshin Impact game until you are on the loading screen.
  • Then tap on Pre-Install Resource Package.
  • Tap on the menu in the lower left corner.
  • After that, wait for the d*wnl*d process to complete.
3. The third way
  • To pre-install Genshin Impact on PC, press on Genshin Impact Launcher.
  • Tap on Pre-Installation Games.
  • The d*wnl*d will start soon, please wait for it to finish.
As I said above that after you pre install Genshin Impact, you can’t play it right away but you have to wait until maintenance comes. After that, you can start playing right away.
Of course it’s not a problem because with a pre install Genshin Impact will make you a player who is ready to wait for the latest update.
That’s how to pre install Genshin Impact. The method is very easy to do, so now you can choose to use the first, second or third method according to your wishes.

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