How to Buy Gold Pass In Clash Of Clans 2021, Successful
How to Get Gold Pass In COC – Hello friends, welcome back to this blog. In this spare time I will give a new tutorial, namely how to get gold pass in COC. If you are curious, follow the explanation that I convey below. 
Talking about coc gold pass, recently a lot of people want to get coc gold pass. But do you know what the coc gold pass is? Here’s the meaning. 
What is a gold pass in coc? Gold pass in coc are pass that can be used to buy various items in the Shop menu such as gold, elixir, practice potions, resource potions, research potions and many others. 
This coc gold pass is very helpful for those of us who need various village resources in Clash Of Clans. If we want to buy resources but the gems we have have run out then we can use the gold pass in coc. 
Of course it becomes an interesting thing so that many people are vying to get gold pass in coc. It can be said that the coc gold pass is the second currency after gems. 

How to Buy Gold Pass In COC

Actually to get a gold pass in coc is very easy. We have to prepare some money because to get a gold pass in coc we have to buy it using money. If you don’t know how to buy gold pass in Clash Of Clans, follow the instructions I’ve written below. 
1. The first step is to open the Clash Of Clans game on your device.
2. Make sure you have logged into your own Clash Of Clans account.
3. Then press the shield icon to the right of the Attack button.
4. There you will see a list of gold pass prices in COC that you can buy.
If it’s not clear, you can read how to buy gold pass in Clash Of Clans on the official clash of clans website, namely
After buy gold pass in COC, now you are required to activate a gold pass in COC, you can read how to do that at
That’s how to get gold pass in COC and how to buy gold pass in COC. Hopefully you can understand the steps I have made above.

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