4 Ways How to Know Server in ML, It's Easy
How to Know Server in ML – Every user who has an account, will definitely be on a server. Do you know how to know your server in ml? You will find out after reading this article to the end.
Servers in Mobile Legends make it easier for you to carry out several activities such as purchasing diamonds, finding easy opponents and other information. In addition, the server in Mobile Legends you can also see.
Of course, see or know your server in ml aims to make your account easy to get back when you lose it. Refilling diamonds in ml will also require an account server.
Therefore you need to know server in ml. For how to know server in ml is also very easy, please read the following guide.

How to Know Server in ML

1. First, open the Mobile Legends game on your device.
2. Go to the profile by pressing the profile icon in the upper left corner.
3. Then you can see server in ml under the Settings button with brackets, for example as follows:


4. Server in ml consists of four numbers.
Now you can record and save that number. If at any time there is a problem related to your account, surely the server will be needed to fix the problem through the Mobile Legends contact.
Even though it’s only four digits, the server number is very useful. In addition, the server number or numbers cannot be seen by other users, only you can see it yourself. I suggest don’t share your server numbers with other users.
That’s how to know server in ml. The method is very easy, just open your profile then you can see or know your server in ml.

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