4 Ways How to Unlock Prince Clash Royale

How to Get The Prince In Clash Royale – Cards are epic cards that have great power so they can destroy enemies easily. That makes many people want to get prince card in Clash Royale.
To get it, you must be able to unlock prince first. Of course there are several ways you have to do to unlock prince in Clash Royale. You can read more in the following steps.

How to Get The Prince In Clash Royale

1. Training camp at the beginning
To get or unlock prince Clash Royale, the first thing you can do at the beginning of the game is to use the training camp. But unfortunately, there is no certainty to be able to get it because all the cards that appear are random.
So if you want to get it then you have to be patient. Although not certain, but there are some players who have earned prince Clash Royale this way.
2. Exchange for gems
You can also unlock prince Clash Royale by exchanging the gems you have. If you don’t have enough gems, you can use gold to exchange them. To be able to get gems or gold, you must defeat the enemy first.
3. Magic chest
Magic chests also allow you to get prince in Clash Royale. If you have completed the mission or defeated the opponent then you can open the chest. Inside those chests are special items, even like the prince Clash Royale card.
4. Buy a prince card
The last way to unlock prince in Clash Royale is to buy it with money. This method is faster and very effective, but unfortunately for the price of the prince card, it is very expensive because this card is included in the category of epic cards with great power.
That’s how to unlock prince Clash Royale. So if you want to get prince Clash Royale faster, you can buy it at a price that is already available there.

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