6 Ways How to Use Fake GPS in ML

How to Use Fake GPS in ML – Do you want to know how to use fake GPS in ML? Yes, this article will discuss it. Let’s see how to use fake GPS in ml below. 
Before starting, we must first know what fake GPS is, because we will never know if we don’t know the fake GPS application first. 
The fake GPS application is an application that we can use to move locations. For example, if you are in location A then you can move to location B or to C and so on. 
On average, this application is used by Mobile Legends game players to increase the win rate of a hero and also rank. 
With this application, we can move to a location that is empty of mobile legends players so that we can win matches easily. 
Many have tried how to use fake GPS in ml. Even the pro players used it. How could I not, because it is a very beneficial right for us. 
Well, if you also want to use fake gps in ml, below I will give you how to use fake gps in ml. Let’s study the tutorial well. 

How to Use Fake GPS in ML 

1. First, I hope you have installed the Fake GPS application. If not, you can find and install it in the Playstore. 
2. Open the application, then activate the location in the developer options available on your device. 
3. If the developer option is active, you can scroll down and tap on the fake location, then select the fake gps application. 
4. After that, open the fake GPS application again and select the location you want. 
5. If so, tap on the green arrow button. 
6. After that, you can open the Mobile Legends game. 
That way, you have succeeded in using fake GPS in mobile legends.
That’s how to use fake GPS in ml. Now you can try it yourself on your Android device. If you are still confused, please leave a comment, thank you.

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