7 Ways How to Write a Blog Comment, Easy and Fast

How to Write a Blog Comment – When you visit articles in a blog, surely you have a sense of giving or write comments on blogs. Of course, you can easily do that in just a few steps.
Writing blog comments aims to respond to whether the articles you have read are useful or not. Even if there is an error in the article then you can write a comment to notify the blog owner.
How to write blog comment is very easy but sometimes many people don’t know it. Maybe it’s because they don’t know about it. But take it easy, here I will show you how to write blog comments.

How to Write a Blog Comment

1. First, visit an article, post or page in a blog.
2. Scroll down to the end of the article.
3. Find the widget to write a comment.
4. If you find it, you can write a blog comment in the comments column provided.
5. Before you post a comment it’s better to login using a Google account.
6. If you have successfully logged in, check the Notify me box to receive a notification if the owner replies to your comment.
7. Finally, tap on the Publish button.
Why do you have to login using a Google account? Because the owner wants to reply to your comment. In addition, there are some blog owners who will not reply to comments with anonymous accounts, for example like my blog.
Therefore, to respect and introduce yourself to the blog owner, you must log into your Google account to write blog comments. After that, you can write a good comment.
That’s how to write a blog comment. The method is very easy to do but if you are still confused, I will continue to help you through the comments column provided at the bottom of this post, thank you.

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