8 Ways How to Show FPS in PUBG, Easy
How to Show FPS in PUBG – Do you know what is FPS and how to show FPS in PUBG? Here you will learn it. For those of you who want to know, please read this article to the end because so you don’t get confused.
FPS stands for Frames Per Second which displays the number of images seen per second. Of course, so that the image or appearance of your PUBG game looks good, then you need a minimum fps of 10.
FPS can also be displayed in PUBG, there are various reasons for those who want to display FPS in PUBG. For example if you want to test how strong your phone is when used to play games.
Well, if you want to display FPS in PUBG, you can follow the guide I have written below on how to show FPS in PUBG.

How to Show FPS in PUBG

1. First, for how to show FPS in PUBG mobile, find and install an application called Game Booster – Play Games Faster & Smoother.
2. If it is installed, open the application.
3. Tap on the menu or Grid tab at the top of the screen.
4. Then activate it on FPS Monitor.
5. Tap on Permit that appears on your screen.
6. If the application permissions appear, activate Allow permission.
7. If you have allowed all access correctly then at the top right of your screen will display the FPS.
8. If the FPS is displayed, now you can open and play the PUBG game to test how many FPS you have on your device.
If the screen on your device displays a low FPS then it’s better for you to lower the graphics in the PUBG game. This is so that your device can get a good FPS when playing PUBG.
That’s how to show FPS in PUBG. You can use this method to show FPS in PUBG mobile, android and other devices.

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