How to Beat The Pumpkin Graveyard Clash Of Clans, It's Eeasy

How to Beat Clash Of Clans Event – In the Clash Of Clans game there is an interesting event called the pumpkin graveyard challenge. Then do you know what is the pumpkin graveyard challenge and how to beat the pumpkin graveyard Clash Of Clans? Further details below.
The pumpkin graveyard challenge is an event where you have to beat a town hall. But unlike usual, the town hall you’ll be fighting against is so tough that some players can’t beat it.
This event is available for two weeks and the prize is 400 exp and a barrier shovel. Where the obstacle shovel you can use to clear anything that is blocking the area in your town hall.
Actually to complete or defeat the pumpkin graveyard Clash Of Clans is very easy. You just need to be serious and have a good strategy when attacking. Here I give an example of a strategy to beat the pumpkin graveyard of Clash Of Clans.

How to Beat The Pumpkin Graveyard Clash Of Clans

Open the game Clash Of Clans and enter the event menu. Then press the attack button on the pumpkin graveyard event or challenge. If it’s started, you can lower the archer queen near the xbow area so that she destroys it.
Next at the bottom center of the open wall, take down three barbarians to lure the traps that are there. Wait until all the mortars are destroyed by the archer queen.
If all the mortars have been destroyed, you can lower the barbarian king, grand warden, super bowler and barbarian near the dark elixir and leave ten pumpkin barbarians. Also take down the royal champion on the left.
Then use the barbarian king and grand warden abilities. If the grand warden’s ability runs out then you can lower the healing spell. In the wall that opens on the bottom right, take down the three valkyries as well as the rest of the barbarians.
After that, spell invisibility in the royal champion area so he can destroy the town hall. Don’t forget to use abilities on royal champions. Leave one spell to protect the royal champion from the ghost royal to easily destroy the inferno at the top.
If you do all of that correctly, you will surely succeed in defeating the Clash Of Clans pumpkin graveyard and you will get a reward from the Clash Of Clans pumpkin graveyard challenge or event.
That’s how to beat the pumpkin graveyard Clash Of Clans. I hope you learn it so that everything you expect goes smoothly.

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